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Wake up to less make-up

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So let's talk about make-up.  Because, no matter if you color your hair or go natural, our make-up is something we women should reevaluate, especially as we age.   

Let me start by saying that I understand the choice of how much or even whether or not to wear  makeup is a very personal choice. I would never condemn any woman for her choice to wear makeup.  However, I will go on record to say that I think women are in denial about why they wear it and who they are wearing it for.  

If you think you wear it because it makes you more attractive to the opposite sex, read this and this

If you believe, as I think most older women do, that make up keeps you looking younger. Well, think again.  If we aren't careful, makeup can actually make us look older.  Check out this, this and this

Some women will tell you they wear makeup because it makes them feel pretty or glamorous or confident, or different or even to express their inner self.  My response to that is why do we need to wear a mask in order to do or feel all those things?  

I will freely admit that I began wearing makeup as a teenager out of insecurity because I had zits.  No, I didn't have acne and the reason for that is because at the first sign of a pimple, my mom (who had acne as a girl and was totally paranoid about her girls getting it) rushed me to the dermatologist who put me on every diet and treatment under the sun.  Those treatments included everything from weekly B12 shots in my hip, to daily tetracycline pills to being forbidden to eat fried food and chocolate for 10 years.  Oh yeah, and my Dad who was obsessed with "blackheads" used to put my face under a bright light EVERY night and squeeze anything that even resembled a clogged pore.  Now mind you, my sister did not have to go through any of this it was just lucky, lucky me.  It was like a medieval torture. I hated it!

But despite all that, I did still get a few pimples and with all the negativity surrounding me, I felt that they made me ugly.  So I started wearing makeup to cover my blemishes.  I started with spot concealer over the blemishes.  But the effect of makeup is kind of like the phenomena of  how upon painting your house you suddenly see all the other "imperfections" and then start replacing carpet, furniture, etc.  Soon I had progressed to full foundation with mascara.  Eventually, I went the whole nine yards with concealer, blush, eyeshadow, lip liner, etc.  The more I wore makeup, the more feature flaws I saw that I felt needed covering.  Makeup can be just as addicting as cosmetic surgery.  

Here's the thing, I don't think I am any different than any other woman.  I think if we are honest with ourselves we will admit that we started and continue to wear makeup because on some level we feel insecure with our looks.  

Then there is also the whole group mentality thing.  This is especially pertinent for teens and pre-teens who generally start wearing makeup to fit in with all the other girls who have started wearing makeup, who wear it to fit in with the all the women around them who wear make-up, who wear it because all the women around them wear it and so on and so on and so on.  

So, my thought is this. Perhaps, if more women would own their natural beauty, we could swing the group mentality pendulum the other way.  Hence this post.  

For me, as I get older I'm definitely leaning toward the less is better camp, not just cosmetically but psychologically as well.  Here's a life-altering secret I've learned lately.  The less makeup you wear, the less you feel you need to wear it.  This is huge!! Wearing less makeup can actually make you feel more confident, not less.  

I frequently go without makeup and guess what, not one single person has run screaming from the room upon encountering the makeup-less me.  Other than the one experience I posted about earlier, my experiences going without makeup have been quite positive. 

And now, even when I do wear makeup, I am going for a decidedly more natural/nude look.  I've started using Boom! cosmetics by Cindy Joseph.  She sells three basic products that give a nice glow but are sheer enough to be considered gateway products to help a woman get comfortable enough with her own face to eventually go completely makeup free.

To that end,  I spend much more time caring for my skin than covering it up.  

Here are my 5 top tips:
1.  First and foremost, STAY HYDRATED AND EAT WELL!  
  • We have lost the connection between what we eat and how we look.  The number one way to have healthier looking skin is to eat a healthier diet.  When I began eating clean I saw a definite change in the condition of my hair and skin.  Check this out for a few good foods to start with.  


3.  Use a rough wash cloth or a buff puff for cleansing.  
  • Who needs to pay thousands of dollars for Microderm abrasion when a good daily exfoliating will keep your skin just as glowing.   

4.  Get and use a good moisturizer. (And, I don't think those expensive one's do any better of a job.)
  • I use Aveeno Positively Radiant and I love it.  I even mix it in with my foundation to get a more sheer, dewy look.  
5.  Get your 8 hours.  
  • There are studies showing that lack of sleep can contribute to everything from obesity to increase cancer risk.  But for the purposes of this post read this article on the link between lack of sleep and rapidly aging skin.  
So, I hope you'll join me in embracing your natural look.  You don't have to be made-up to be beautiful, confident and express your true self.  Show the world the real you and you will be revolutionary.  

Let me rephrase something I recently read on one of my favorite blogs

You are more than a decoration. You are more than eye or arm candy.  You are here to be an instrument in God's hands, not an ornament to decorate the world.   

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