Friday, January 16, 2015

My Day

The events of yesterday have practically written this post for me.  Not believing in coincidence, I have to wonder if there wasn't some divine hand guiding me to certain places and certain people in order for them to teach me or have me teach them.

The first incident happened to me at a mall in Salt Lake City.  I came to the city because my friend, Jodi, was having her annual Favorite Things Party.  I came down early because I wanted to get some shopping in before the party. So, my first stop was the Fashion Place Mall.

After coming out of the first shop, I stopped briefly to look in my bag when I heard a velvety, foreign voice behind me, "Uh, miss?"  Since I do not look even remotely like a "Miss", this should have been my first clue that something was up, but I was taken by surprise so I quickly turned around to find my self face to face with a young, darkly handsome man dressed completely in black.

He introduces himself as Elio and asks me if he can give me a sample of a product he's selling.  That's when I notice he's standing in front of an expensive cosmetic boutique named Orogold.

Once I realize what's happening I almost roll my eyes and give myself the V8 slap to the forehead.  Not wanting to waste Elio's precious time, I tell him bluntly I am not interested buying his cosmetics.  Elio, however, is not to be deterred and becomes ever more aggressive.  After telling him several more times that I 'm not interested because I am, in point of fact, cutting back on the amount of cosmetics I use and I don't want to waste his time, he continues to push.

At this point I think, "okay, fine.  I've given him fair warning.  This is going in the blog." I sit down in the chair at which point Elio begins to weave his seduction.

He applies a serum under my left eye.  With his dreamy Italian accent, he tells me of the miraculous, amazing properties of gold and how this serum with it's flecks of gold is going to erase all my fine lines.  It will in fact make me look as beautiful as the celebrities.  When I asked how it's going to accomplish this feat, he gives me a spiel about gold nano-particles releasing excess oxygen which somehow contributes to dark circles and bags under the eyes.  Huh??  At this point, I'm pretty sure I've just been fed a load crap but I just kept nodding and he just keeps talking about everything except how much this little miracle is going to cost me.

I finally ask straight out, "How much?"  He gives a scolding look as if I have just committed a huge social faux pas, then tells me that one bottle will last me 2 years because after the initial 14 day period in which I should apply it daily, I will only have to use it 3 times a week.

More insistently I say, "How much?" He then tells me about the free gifts he's going to throw in.

I give him a look and he finally admits that the price for the eye serum is $249.00.

I tell him flat out, "I can't afford that."  Again the scolding look, only this time laced with a little pity.  He tells me he'll do me a favor and cut the price to $149.00.  "Um, I can't afford that either."

I have to admit, at this point his high pressure sales pitch is taking a toll.  I'm uncomfortable, anxious and actually beginning to feel a little sorry for poor Elio.  Too make him feel better, I tell him I'll think about it and ask him for his card.

He's no dummy either.  He knows he's not getting a sale and his manner turns pretty condescending.  He takes his sweet time about getting the card.  We get to the sales desk and he makes his final play. He gives me a sexy little pout and tells me that since he really likes me he's going to give me the serum, two other creams each of which retail for $249.00 and a free $230.00 facial all for the rock bottom price of $99.00 even.

Now, I'm really feeling the pressure.  I feel like Joseph being seduced by Potiphar's wife and I pull the same move.  I turn and literally run from the store, all the while thinking, "get thee behind me, Satan!"

I'm pretty sure Elio thinks I'm crazy.

Just for the record, here is a photo of the eye Elio worked on.

Here is the other one.  Um, I sure don't see $249.00 worth of difference.

To be fair, there was a slight reduction in puffiness, but I'm pretty sure it's because the serum he used had been highly chilled.  A fact Elio side skirted when I brought it up.
It's been proved that applying cold spoons, chilled cucumbers or tea bags reduces eye puffiness.  Apparently so does applying hemorrhoid cream.  Who knew??

So, what did I learn?

First, I learned that I'm stronger now.  Try though he might, Elio did not make me feel bad about my appearance.  I left that store feeling just as confident as when I went in. When it was over, I called Matt and we had a good laugh about the whole incident. The farther down this pro-age path I'm going, the better I feel about being in my 50's and what the future holds for me as I continue to age.  I hope I'm actually getting less susceptible to the aging insecurities that are so prevalent in our society.  And, I hope that by coming with me on this journey, you will be too

Second, although I was pretty sure that stuff Elio was spouting about the benefits of nano-gold in cosmetics was just a bunch of snake oil, a bit of research has confirmed my suspicion.  Click here and here if you want to check it out.

Third, I'll just save myself a few hundred bucks and start chilling my Preparation H.

Right on the heels of the Elio incident (as it will forever been known in my head), I was in another shop when a woman came right up to me and complimented me on my hair.  She was the third person to do so that day.

She told me she was debating whether to go natural herself and we ended up having a nice conversation about it.  One in which I whole heartedly recommended she embrace her natural hair.

When I told her I had an entire blog dedicated to silver hair and aging naturally, she said she wished so much that a friend of hers could somehow meet me.  Her friend is a 30ish woman who has "prematurely" grayed and keeps her hair covered with a ball cap, even in her own home, because she is so ashamed.

I wondered aloud what defines "prematurely".  Is their an unwritten rule that to have gray hair before a certain age is premature?  If so who made it and why do they have that right?

I gave her the address to my blog and told her to please have her friend read it.

I wish her friend could have met me, too.  If I could meet her this is what I say.

"My beautiful, beautiful young friend.  Please know, gray hair is nothing to be ashamed of. Of all the things in the world to be ashamed of such as being mean, vindictive, shallow, cruel or dishonest, being gray doesn't even make it on the list.

Don't let the world define you and don't take the judgments of our shallow society personally.  Grey is only a color.  It doesn't have mean that you are old and past your prime. You and you alone will decide that. Take off that ball cap and own your gray hair!  It is part of who you really are and it makes you unique.  Celebrate it and it will become your signature."

I don't know if she will ever read this but I pray in my heart she does.  Women like her are my sole purpose is writing this blog.

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