Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Gray Hair Care

As I've said before, I get a lot of comments on my hair.  99% of those comments are positive, but once in a while I do get a negative one.  Without fail, the negative comments come from "women of a certain age" who view gray hair as sign you should be put out to pasture.  I can't tell you how vehemently I disagree with that viewpoint.  Just take a look at these knock-outs and then tell me they are ready to be put out to pasture.
If I hear one frequent comment from women who are afraid to let their hair go natural it is this, "Well, if I had hair as beautiful as yours, I would have no problem going gray."
But how can they know their hair won't look as good until they take the plunge and quit dying?

So I thought for this post I would show you the products I use to keep my gray hair looking it's best.

Here they are and no, I don't use them all at the same time.

To help gray hair get to that lovely silver color with no yellow tinge, it's important to use a good quality shampoo especially for gray hair.  In the past, I've used Aveda Blue Malva but it's harder to get it in my small town, so I switched to Matrix and it works great.

Gray hair can also be less light reflective, so I use this glaze once or twice a week.  There are other brands out there, but this is what works best for me.

Because my gray hair also tends to be more dry and brittle, I also incorporate this shampoo into my routine. I generally use it about once a week.  This works best for me because my hair is on the fine side and this shampoo leaves my hair stronger and softer without leaving it limp and flat.  I HATE flat hair.  

Finally, about once a month I use this clarifying shampoo to clean out any residues that might stay in my hair.  This is especially important if you use a blue tinted shampoo.  Trust me, you don't want to start looking like one of the blue haired old ladies.  

As far as styling goes...

While my hair is still wet, I give my roots a little spray of this.  

Don't underestimate the importance of good brushes.  I use round brushes at the roots to give my hair the lift I want.  My hair is naturally wavy, so these brushes help smooth it out and deepen the natural shine.  

A couple of sprays of this at my crown gives me the lift I like.  I'm not kidding, this stuff is great!  A quick spray and it stays all day!  

If it's windy or I really need my hair to stay in place, a couple of sprays of this does the trick.  

Last but not least, there is this.  Back in the day we used to call this "greasy kid stuff".  The slogan used to be "a little dab will do ya".  For my fine hair a "dab" is too much.  In fact, when I have a few fly aways I use a micro dab and run it through my hair.  It stops the frizzies and adds nice depth of shine.  

Now it may seem that this is a lot of product but remember that I only use some of them occasionally.  In general, I spend 15 minutes on my hair daily.  

This article has some ideas on other great product specifically for gray/silver hair.  

Being a certified nutritionist, I also have to say that good, nutritious eating habits do wonders for a healthy head of hair.  We don't realize how much a bad diet affects our hair and skin.  Smoking, hormones and lack of sleep also effects how hair looks and feels.  

Getting the Recommended amount of daily water is a great starting point for improving your diet.  Hair needs lubrication from the inside out.  All the conditioners in the world won't compensate for dehydration.  In fact, inadequate hydration can actually slow your hair growth and regrowth.  So, if your hair is thinning, you might want to evaluate your water intake.

And make sure, if you drink bottled or filtered water that they don't filter out all the vitamins and minerals.  Healthy hair needs a nutrient rich diet.  Fiji is a brand that doesn't filter out the good stuff.  

Check out this article on the best foods for healthy hair.  

And lastly, gray hair requires a pretty rockin' do.  If I've convinced you to give the natural look a try, you might want to consider updating your hairdo.  Nothing ages a woman more than an out of date style.  And, that's true no matter what color your hair is.  If you still have the same style you were wearing a couple of decades ago, you need a change.  Trust me. 

So there it is.  The hair care post.  I've been meaning to do it for some time now, but other things keep coming up. 

Which reminds me.  A few days ago, I think I was sent a cosmic message in a fortune cookie from our local sushi joint.  
I've actually been thinking about this theme for a future post.  The fact that this came to me now makes me think it should be sooner rather than later.   

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