Saturday, August 9, 2014

Come along with me

The seed for this blog was planted in early 2006 when I made the decision to let my hair go to its natural color.  At the time, I was not making a fashion or pro-age statement at all.  My decision was a financial one.
I was living on Maui, where the cost of living is very high.  The price to cut and highlight my hair was almost $200 a pop.  Since my hair was short, I needed it cut every four weeks.  Spending $200 per month for my hair seemed outrageous to me. I could think of so many more productive ways to spend that money.
What I didn't anticipate was how much that decision would come to define me and how very passionate I'd come to feel about it.  Eight years later, I can honestly say I will never go back.
That one choice has empowered me in ways I never imagined.  It has given me permission to embrace the process of aging and to try to do it with as much grace and authenticity as I can.
As a faithful Latter-day saint, it has also led me on a journey to explore what the gospel shares with me regarding aging and how women of faith should approach it.
Jodi Robinson, an author and my dear friend has encouraged me to blog my journey and share with others some of my insights and observations.
Let me be clear that I am no expert.  I have no degrees or letters after my name. My only pedigree is that I am a fifty-something daughter of God, striving to honor him by fully embracing and appreciating every chapter of my life.
It's still an ever evolving journey for me and I invite you to join me. I look forward to sharing my process with you and learning from your experiences as well.  Maybe together we can wean ourselves from the negative, worldly stereotypes of aging, beauty and women in general.
In closing, I'll share with you part of a quote from one of my role models, Jamie Lee Curtis:

"We are all going to age and soften and mellow and transition.  All of us.  If we are lucky.
There are plenty of things to be anti about: anti-discrimination, anti-drug, anti-oppression, anti-poverty, anti-sickness.  Aging isn't one of them.
We need to become pro-aging and embrace the opportunities aging provides."

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